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Pu'ao Medical has a professional and long-term focus on medical product development, design, validation, testing, production and customer service team, their average time in the industry has been more than 10 years.

They come from related specialties of famous universities at home and abroad, including system designers, electronic engineers, structural engineers, appearance designers, software engineers, biomedical engineers and professional clinical engineers.

All the ideas of product design come from the exploration of clinical application of the products produced. After rigorous market research and in-depth clinical practice on the spot, they check the true state of the machine, and then carry out repeated experiments to further refine the products.

The products coming out of the laboratory need more than 1000 tests to form a prototype, which can be refined by engineers and technicians to form guidance documents, and then handed over to the producers for small batch production. After the first batch of production, the products need to undergo five comprehensive tests, and aging by modules for 48 hours. After aging, the products need to be tested before they can be truly available. Products for customer use.

After the user receives our product, the customer personnel will contact you voluntarily and arrange the installation matters. We will carry out the installation and training on the doorstep at the appointed time, and make continuous follow-up visits in the later use process, and try our best to obtain the customer's satisfaction.
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